Driving Directions to June Lake, California

June Lake is located two miles off Highway 395. The highway into June Lake is 158. June Lake is on the June Lake Loop, a 16 mile loop running thru town and by four lakes between the towns of Lee Vining and Mammoth Lakes. The north entrance is closed during winter but the south entrance is always open into June Lake.

Be prepared for winter driving conditions at any time. Winter conditions can occur in October and continue through April/May. Check with Cal Trans at 1-800-427-7623 for the latest driving conditions. It's way easier and cheaper to have chains with you than it is to find chains when you need them!!
Bakersfield, CA - 5 hours, 283 miles
Death Valley, CA - 5 hours, 237 miles
Fresno, CA - 4 hours, 174 miles*
Las Vegas, NV - 6 hours, 335 miles
Los Angeles, CA - 6 hours, 323 miles
Reno, NV - 3 hours, 155 miles
Sacramento, CA - 4.5 hours, 226 miles
San Diego, CA - 7 hours, 443 miles
San Francisco, CA -5 hours, 244 miles*
Santa Barbara, CA - 7 hours, 377 miles
Tioga Pass, Yosemite National Park - 1 hour, 49 miles (Highway 120 closed in winter)
Yosemite Valley - 2.5 hours, 90 miles (Highway 120 closed in winter)
*Longer distance and driving time in the winter due to Highway 120 closure. Use alternate route.
Driving times are approximate and depends on current weather conditions.