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June Lake Fun Activities

Yosemite Day Trip

What most people don’t realize is that when vacationing in June Lake, when you gaze to the West you are looking at the Eastern boarder of Yosemite National Park.

Bodie Ghost Town

Ghost towns are time travel portals for our imaginations. In the west ghost towns attract those of us who played cowboys as kids, or read Zane Grey or Louis LAmour, or watched Gunsmoke or The Lone Ranger on TV.

June Lake Hot Springs

Up and down the Eastern Sierra corridor near June Lake, California, lie hot springs just waiting to be discovered.

Thousand Island Lake

Thousand Island Lake is absolutely amazing. It doesnt seem possible that a place of beauty like that can feel so remote and yet be so close by.

June Lake Hiking

In the stunning mountain landscape of the Inyo National Forest around June Lake, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the many hiking trails available.

June Lake Helicopter Rides

Experience June Lake from above in a guided helicopter tour!

June Lake Outdoors

Perhaps one of the most beautiful mountain communities in the state, June Lake has all the climber, hiker and skier could ask for.

Four Seasons of June Lake

June Lake, CA is abundant in activities for the outdoor enthusiasts all four seasons of the year. The landscapes here are beautiful and picturesque, with wild flowers in the Spring, fall colors, or beautiful snow covered mountain backdrops

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