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Sierra Drifters Fishing Guide Service

In 1999, Lynn and I got married. A very dear friend, Lance Geiger, gave us a gift certificate for a guided fishing day with Tom Loe, owner of Sierra Drifters. Lance’s gift was one that has kept on giving. Plus, we now consider Tom to be a good friend, and part of our Eastern Sierra family here in June Lake, California.

german brown trout crowley lake May 2016
During our guided trip, Tom Loe taught Lynn and I how to hook and land big trout. Not just hook them, but where and how to hook them. More importantly, he taught us how to land them. Setting the hook on a big trout can be a challenge. More than once, Tom threatened to give me a “chill pill” if I did not stop setting the hook on these trout as if I was setting the hook on a massive tuna. As it turns out, when it comes to setting a hook, big trout do not behave like albacore. With these big trout, you’re using a small size #16, #18 or smaller hook, and setting the hook much too strong can result in no fish hooked or landed.
Crowley Steelhead Jan
Lynn on the other hand immediately flourished under Tom’s expert instructions and knowledge of the fishery. Lynn immediately used the proper technique taught by Tom in setting a hook into a large trout. I now have my hands full trying to out-fish Lynn every time we go out! But Tom taught us so well, we are now accomplished fisherpersons in our own right. The guides at Sierra Drifters practice and teach sustainable fishing methods, catch and release, use of barb-less hooks and artificial baits. Sierra Drifters is a very good guide service.
cutthroat trout May 2015

Go to their website for detailed information. You’ll find their affordable rates and instructions for booking a guided fishing trip. You will also find info about each of their guides. They are all good people and all are dam good fishermen. Ask Doug to show you a photo of the BIG ONE he caught on the Upper Owens. Biggest trout I’ve ever saw a photo of. 

In closing, it is my personal opinion that Sierra Drifters and their guides are some of the best. I recommend them if you want to learn to fly fish, learn to still water fish, learn to stream fish and learn how to catch BIG fish. They also help you have a great day of fishing! And please don’t forget to tell’em Don and Lyn Morton sent you.

Sierra Drifters
(760) 935 4250
Mammoth Lakes, California

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