Transition to June Lake Accommodations

From Your Existing Agency to Ours!

Property owners are reluctant to switch Vacation Rental agencies for fear of losing future rental income. June lake Accommodations would like introduce you to a possible solution:

  1. Sign a Vacation Rental contract with June Lake Accommodations
  2. Give your existing agency a 30 day notice, if required by your contract, or other length of time, depending on your circumstances
  3. We will place your rental property on our website within 3-5 days
  4. June Lake Accommodations will start promoting your property immediately, taking reservations beginning when agreed to
  5. June Lake Accommodations offers special promotions for your property to promote reservations
  6. Your property will be featured on our website and social media

It’s as simple as that! Call our office 855-648-JUNE (5863) or email us for details or to discuss further.