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June Lake is a beautiful vacation community surrounded by alpine lakes and the High Sierras of California. With a number of beautiful lakes and high peaks as our backdrop, it’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with the June Lake area and choose to make it their family vacation destination. This is the setting of a wide selection of June Lake vacation rentals including homes, cabins, and condos. Phone 855-648-JUNE

Four Seasons High Sierra Adventure

June Lake is a four-season resort town with lots of vacation experiences. Whether you like the power and adrenaline of snowmobiling, the thrill of a monster brown trout on your line, or the quiet and peaceful activities like hiking, canoeing, and relaxing, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the June Lake area. Rent a boat or canoe and explore the alpine lakes with your camera and picnic basket. As a four-seasons portal to the High Sierra, June Lake is home base to hikers, skiers, snowmobilers, backcountry enthusiasts, and families just having fun. June Lake offers one of the most beautiful mountain vacation experiences in the western United States. We’re located off Highway 395 and 20 minutes north of Mammoth Lakes.
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